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Rockhampton Bowls Club 100 Years Celebration

Centenary Celebrations

On the 14 of September 2012 the our Club will reach the age of 100 years.

On the 29th Of July 2010 it was 100 years since a Committee was formed to start the first bowls club in this area. The meeting was held at the Leichhardt Hotel and Mrs. Duthie presented the club a trophy to commemorate the occasion. This trophy is on display at the Bowls Club.

The man who came to Rockhampton in 1904 was Paul B Maries. Mr. Maries immediately wanted to form a bowls club but could not get any backing from the business people in Rockhampton until he talked a group of people to have a meeting on that day in July 1910. A little over two years later the Rockhampton Bowls Club became a reality. Paul`s persistence over a six year period is a remarkable feat in its own right.

In preparation of a 100 year celebration the committee of the bowls club is seeking any photos or history that the past members or their decedents might have in their possession.

Our club records show that many Rockhampton Business people were heavily involved with RBC over many years. The dedication of green keepers and stable committees caused the club to flourish.

The driving force behind the cub, Paul B Maries remained as Secretary from the very first meeting to 1928. During this time Mr. Maries well and truly established the credentials of the club.

The first President was Justice L O Lukin who remained as President for four years. Justice L O Lukin was appointed as Patron in 1916 and remained as Patron to 1922. Justice J W Blair 1923 to 1925, Justice F T Brennan 1926 to 1935 James A Millroy 1936 to 1951 Hugh Grant 1952 to 1955. Other Patrons were R N B Graham, 1956 to 1961 W F Coker1962 to 1981 Bates Goddard 1981 to 1998. Neil Barry 1999 to 2003 the first Patron of RBC was the Honorable W Kidston L.L.D. Some of these gentlemen also held the position of President.

Other presidents were, C Snelling, W Breckells, W Burns, J W Jones, R Cousins, R M Thomson, R G Tucker, F G Dorsett, R A Standish, G N Bunn, Charles Sturgess, R Graham, A T Wood, E O Hulett, A W Nielsen, J W Beal, C W Chappell, J C N Ferguson, B E Golik, L G Duthie, J L Bruce, W D Taylor, R F Tregurtha Clive Munday, E D Blackburn, R J Vallis, F Williams, A E Briggs, George Olive, J W Adsett, W Lock, R O`Neill, W Gray, John Zonca, Glen Millar, , Norm Diplock, Don McNeil, M D Martin, Most of these gentlemen have also held other positions in the club.

Secretaries over the years have been , G N Bunn who took over from Paul B Maries 11929 to 1938 R M Thomson 1939 to 1945 G F Turner 1946, 1948 & 1949 S Robinson 1947, Bill H Cochrane 1950, & 1972 to 1975 other Secretaries were J St Clair Gowdie, F Harris, A W Nielsen, J Hoad, L F Boaler, V Gilbert, W D B Mowat, J H Mallyon, 1963, 1965 to 1971, H H Hassell 1976 to 1981 Roy Chancellor 1982 to 1990, 1992 1996, W Harris 1991,Keith Chopping 1997 &1998

Treasurer`s of the club included W H Robertson, 1916 F H Swanwick !917 to 1924 C P Hughes 1925 to 1926 R E Burton 1927 to 1930, J W Nutall 1932 to 1935 & 1937 E O Hulett 1936 &1938 to 1941 , G Roberts, A Ifield, Colin P Tregurtha 1945 to 1961 & 1974 to 1985. Colin E Williams, 1962 to 1964 & 1966 Bill Cochrane 1965, M Martin 1967 to 1973, & 1986 to 1991 Basil Golik 1992 to 1993 Ray Roche 1994 to 2004

The first Green Keeper in 1911 was Frank Hyde to 1926. T Johnson 1927, & 1928 A Buxton 1929 to 1933, Jim Pill 1934 to 1948 Clarrie Sparrow 1949 to 1950 Col Boswood and Joe Orbell 1951 and Joe Orbell 1952 to 1961 Frank Harney, Norm Harth Des Hoare, for a number of years. Pat Banney 1974 to 1977, Col James 1978 to 1997.

Honorary Auditors were G H Tidbury, L T Cran, J J Norris, A T wood, R A Standish, G F Broomhall. W B Darley, C P Tregurtha, J W Peak, C E Williams, Reg F Tickner, J A Taylor, E Olssen Most of these Honorary Auditors held the position for many years., Honorary Solicitor Hugh Grant , S O Land, , V C Roche, W D Taylor, M J P Hart, John Shaw Many other people held other positions in the club, some of these people were Doctor F H Vivian Voss, H Medcrsft, G H Baker, W McLlwriath, W H Rudd, J J Macaulay, J A Lucas, E L Lucas, B M Liley, W Atherton, W S A Hunter, T W Evans, J Rawlings, I G Keith. W J Austin, G B Hopper, S G Stickley, J D Donaghey, H Strachan, J Cameron, C E Croker,G A Sloan, C H Sandberg, C R Hall, C T Steen, T Conaghan, A D Murphy, M Quinn, T W Farrell, H A Black, J J Noonan, W W Duband J C Burrowman, P Goggin, C Carr, E W Hockings, P Berry, R Mahoney, K G Pennyquick, W Armstrong, H Dever R H Lehmhase, H Webster, M Greene, R H Kelly, C F Edwards, C M Wood, W Whitehead, R Collings, H Gallway, T Smith, R Jefferies, W E Higson E Head, A O Kingston, C G Gatward G B Shaw, C R Noyes, C Ricketts, A B B Poole, H I McTavish, T Moore, F Chase, A G Smith, W V Oxemham, F Flanaghan, E Kellskog, A Wilson, S R Crellin, W Winton, H Lawless, E G Kent, E P Cominio, J R Jordon, N R Browning, C R Rutherford, G W Chappell, N R Browning, G Daniels, F Harris, G Roden, B Warren, V Solomon, W Whiteley, A Brake, D J Cruden, D E Good, A McCarthy, A Dawson, C Hillman, P Puttner, C Hetherington, D Loe, J Mill, V Killoran, C Taylor, J A Taylor, C Youngberg, A Donavon, Frank Mcinally, F H Morrow, G Stenhouse, E J Kiavikoski, G Bodinnar R Toombes A J Kele, C Johnson, , J Dolan, , J J Power, C Bradford, J T J Whyte, V A R Tudman, H A Copeland, M Fox, J Fitzgibbons, C Landsberg K Carlos, R Pearson, E D Blackburn, A C Jahnke C Gough, R Bird, T Stavey, R Plane, R Vallis, R Fitzgerald, A Batley, R Cabt, R Lincoln, D Lyon, L M Brown, S J Clements, R H Pearson, A E Btiggs, H Parker, H Twiddle, C McNeven, B Pascoe, J Ellanor,T Groboski W Lock, S Dillon, J Paxton, W Gray, K Stuart, J Moreton, B Tieggs, C Jones, S Stone, Don Geldard, D Parr, R Amedee, A Asplin, M Greenough, B Birch, R Pritchard, R Hazelhurst, Frank Hawyler, Reg Birch, Bob Morgan, Clarry Bowman, Glen Clanfield, Barry Hamilton, All those named have had some positions in the club but many more men would have been members of the club but did not hold any position in the club. These members may have some photos or materials that would be of interest to the club.

Many people have been involved with the Rockhampton Bowls Club over almost a century and the club would like to hear from these previous members or the descendents of our previous members. Any interested person can contact the club on 0749221685 (leave a message) or ring 0749282721 (also leave a message if not home) or post who to contact to P O Box 6163 Red Hill 4701. We would be delighted to hear from anyone with anything that could be used for a 100 year celebration book.

Present day members are requested to also look for whatever photos or press cutting they may have at home. Or any stories of interest about the club and their members.

Past members or their descendents are invited to come back to the club to view the history in the form of honour boards and trophies. You would be made most welcomed to have an afternoon tea with the bowlers on a Tuesday or Thursday afternoon at 2.45 pm. Or on Ladies Day Wednesdays at the same time of 2.45 pm. Ring the club on 49221685 to let us know you are coming.

Any Companies/ Business Houses that were involved in the club during the early years are invited to contact the club if they would like to be involved in the celebrations; it is intended to celebrate over a two week period.