PHONE: (07) 4922 1685

Daily Bowls

Monday - Roll ups after 8am. Possible use of the green by the High Schools.

Tuesday - Mixed Triples start 1pm. Afternoon Tea 2.45pm. 2 games of 10 ends
Wednesday - Ladies day 12:30pm. Afternoon tea 2:45pm. 21 ends or the bell at 4:15pm.
Thursday - Start at 1pm. Mens Triples or Fours, Afternoon tea at 2.45pm. 21 ends or the bell.
Friday - Roll-ups after 2.30pm
Saturday - Mixed triples/fours mufti dress. Afternoon tea at 2:45pm. 21 ends or the bell at 4:45pm.
Sunday - 1pm Mixed Pairs/Triples or Fours. Afternoon tea at 2:45pm. 21 ends or the bell at 4:45pm

Note: Social games on weekends may be restricted to a few rinks when Competitions and Carnivals are being played

Regular Fixtures for 2015

Note: No daily bowls when special events are being played

Month Date Event
March 11 & 12 State Mixed Pairs
March 26 Mens Presidents Day
March 31 Card Luncheon
April 05 Ladies Presidents Day
June 23 & 30 Veteran Singles
June 30 Card Luncheon
July 05 Patroness's Day
August 26 The Capricornian Prestige Fours (Men)
August 12 & 13 Fred Harrup Shield
August 28 (Tentative) Annual Morning Tea
September 13 Hillcrest Hospital Gala Fours
September 29 Card Luncheon
September 30 Capricornian Mixed Fours
November 11 Mayoral Trophy