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Jack Attack

Jack Attack to start April 20th. Learn more here

Daily Bowls

Monday - Roll ups after 8am. Possible use of the green by the High Schools.
Tuesday - Mixed Triples start 1pm. Afternoon Tea 2.45pm. 2 games of 10 ends
Wednesday - Ladies day 12:30pm. Afternoon tea 2:45pm. 21 ends or the bell at 4:15pm.
Thursday - Start at 1pm. Mens Triples or Fours, Afternoon tea at 2.45pm. 21 ends or the bell.
Friday - Roll-ups after 2.30pm
Saturday - Mixed triples/fours mufti dress. Afternoon tea at 2:45pm. 21 ends or the bell at 4:45pm.
Sunday - 1pm Mixed Pairs/Triples or Fours. Afternoon tea at 2:45pm. 21 ends or the bell at 4:45pm

Note: Social games on weekends may be restricted to a few rinks when Competitions and Carnivals are being played

Regular Fixtures for 2018

Note: No daily bowls when special events are being played

Month Date Event
March 25 Mens Presidents Day
April 04 Ladies Presidents Day
June 29 Veteran Singles at Diggers
June 29 Card Luncheon
July 04 Patroness's Day
August 30 Annual Morning Tea/Lunch
August 25 Capricornian Prestige Fours
October 6 Capricornian Mixed Fours
October 15 Ladies Capricornian Invitation Triples
October 6 Mayoral Trophy
November 30 Annual Morning Tea/Lunch