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Rockhampton Bowls Club

Welcome to Rockhampton Bowls Club. Come and enjoy a friendly game of bowls in our undercover facility.

We play day or night, rain, hail or shine.

The Rockhampton Bowls Club is a Level 3 Goodsports Club. 

Current Covid Qld Health Restrictions – As of the 14th April no restrictions apply to entering the club. Covid is still in the community so if you are concerned masks are your best defence to this virus. All members and visitors are welcome.

Where to find us

We are situated at 94 Victoria Parade on the southside bank of the Fitzroy River in Rockhampton between the two bridges. Easy parking at the back of the clubhouse.

When do we play?

Green fees are $10 which includes tea, coffee & biscuits. Visitors are welcome.

If you are a visitor and wishing to play Social Afternoon, (Saturday / Sunday) please ring the club to register for the afternoon at 12.00pm for play at 1.00pm.

The game

Bowls: The game for juniors that old people play.

The aim of lawn bowls is to roll the bowls, which are slightly radially asymmetrical, as close to the white ball (known as the jack or kitty) as you can. The precision part of the game is the weight or force you put on the delivery of the bowl and how far you bowl from the centre line, referred to as how much “grass” you take.

The Rockhampton Bowls Club is very proud of its history and is privileged to share it with you. We will present you with information that will be of interest; not only to our members but more so to non-members who would like to try the game of bowls. We have all the equipment and coaches to get you started. You will be under no obligation.

Our mission

We would like to see people of all ages enjoying the best social sport in the world. Lawn bowls is a game for the young and old and we welcome you and your family to be part of our friendly club. Our mission is to fill our greens with bowlers and to encourage schools and social clubs to get on the green.