Bowls Australia


OPEN TO ALL LEVELS OF PLAYER,  New to Bowls or a Seasoned Player, come join us for 10 weeks of bowls.

The club is once again running Barefoot Bowls, this starts on 7th February 2024, play starting at 6.00pm with the club open form 5.00pm. The Bar will be operating on the nights with light refreshments of locally made pies and sausages for sale. For more information see flyer or call Co ordinator Mirriam on 0429 392 301

Jack Attack Bowls

Each Jack Attack season runs over 6 weeks with Two season event’s for 2022, First starting on the 18th February running through to 25th March, The Second from 12th October through to 16th September, played on Friday nights from 6pm-9pm.

Teams play for the perpetual Capricornian Shield with winners and runners-up receiving plaques and medallions sponsored by The Capricornian.

Play starts at 7pm but players are required to arrive between 6pm and 6.30pm so monies can be collected and draws allocated.

BBQ meals are available before play and the bar opens from 6pm.

All Covid Health regulations regarding Clubs are to apply, Double Vaccination of players, visitors and guests. Mask wearing while not seated to eat or drink or can not social distance. While playing bowls on the green masks are not mandatory, but keep in mine your social distancing rule.





Download the RBC Jack Attack Registration Form here





Format of Play


All players are required to pay a one-off $10 temporary membership fee for the year to cover insurance. This also entitles players to members’ bar prices.

Each team is required to pay $30 per night green fees (regardless the number of players per team). The team payment can be collected by the team organiser/leader (or another team member) and paid to the games coordinator on arrival at the club each week.

The club will provide steak burgers and salad ($15), sausage burgers and salad ($10) each night before the start of play.

Anyone buying a steak burger or two sausage burgers automatically gets a free ticket into a weekly $30 meat tray raffle.


Don’t know how to bowl?

All players will be provided with modern coloured bowls. Club volunteers will be on hand throughout the tournament to show you how to deliver the bowl and give advice and tips. Remember, none of the other bowlers have had much experience with lawn bowls either, so it is an even playing field. After eight consecutive weeks of bowls you will be surprised how well you can play.

Participant registration

All teams and participants must fill in the registration form prior to commencement of the tournament. The completed forms can be handed in at the club or emailed to

Results & scoring


This is a barefoot bowling program specifically for non-bowlers. Any bowlers who are members of a bowls club registered as an affiliate of Bowls Australia are ineligible for this bowls program.

Each team can use only three players per end (two bowls each) but can interchange players as they wish at the start of the next end.

The jack may be placed anywhere the team wants but must be a minimum of 21 metres from the mat.

All players remain at the mat end to ensure the social atmosphere of the group is maintained i.e. no skips.

Each team gets one Power Play on one end per set. Should the team nominating the power play win that end their score is doubled for that end. The power play must be nominated before the end begins. Both teams can call the power play on the same end if they wish.

Any jack which goes out of bounds is to be re-spotted to the nearest line either side of the “T” depending on whether it went out of bounds to the left or right of the rink.

The club may play music during the game but volume is to be determined by the coordinator having regard to our near neighbours.

Children are welcome but must be under direct parental supervision at all times.