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Jack Attack delivering some serious fun

Jack Attack Season 2 2020 is coming to a close with the final to be played on Friday, 9 October.

Eight teams with a total of 36 registered players have been doing battle each week to have their team name engraved on the perpetual Capricornian Shield.

While the emphasis is on fun – and there has certainly been plenty of that throughout the series – it is also about giving new players the opportunity to learn the art of our game.

And hopefully keep coming back for more!

It is pleasing to see the progress the players make between Week 1 and Week 8.

Trust me when I say there are several players who would not be out of place at the club on a Tuesday or Thursday afternoon.

Jack Attack back with a bang

The following story was published on the Bowls Australia website on Tuesday, 25 August.

By Lachlan Williams, Bowls Australia

With COVID-19 restrictions easing in parts of the country, clubs have resumed doing what they can to introduce new people to bowls, including Rockhampton Bowls Club.
Rockhampton has looked to social bowls competition Jack Attack as a way to get people in the community involved with the sport, having previously hosted successful programs.
Jack Attack is the fun and fast-paced format of bowls, aimed at encouraging new participation in the sport, with games completed in just over an hour.
Rockhampton’s newest Jack Attack competition got under way last Friday, set to run on Friday nights for the next 8 weeks.
“Our last season was cut short due to COVID, but we are looking forward to getting back out there again,”  Rockhampton Jack Attack coordinator Rod Gardiner said.
“The judge of the program’s success is the number of repeat teams that keep coming back, they obviously enjoy it.“We usually have 8-10 teams, and we are around that mark again which is exciting.”
This will be Mr Gardiner’s third time involved with a Jack Attack competition. He said the key to a successful program is finding a balance between good competitive spirit as well as fun.
“There’s no mucking around but at same time the emphasis is on people having a good time,” he said.
“We’re not playing for sheep stations, so if you get that mix right everyone walks away very happy.
“The idea is to get people to join the club as members or get a feel of the game and enjoy the atmosphere. They might think in a few years’ time, that was fun, I’ll do that again.”
Mr Gardiner is himself a product of Rockhampton’s successful program, becoming further involved with the club after playing Jack Attack socially.
“I have played social bowls on and off in different areas for 30 years, but first played  Jack Attack in September last year.
“As a result of that I decided to join the club, joining in January. I’m now on the management committee, produce the monthly newsletter and coordinate the Jack Attack competition.”

Rockhampton is one of many clubs around the country who have looked to Jack Attack as a way to resume bowls activity in their region.
Forty clubs have expressed interest in hosting the premium version of Jack Attack in Jack Attack Plus while 15 clubs will give the program a go with a free three-month trial through Jack Attack Lite.