Bowls Australia

Saturday, 26 September, 1pm

District Pairs

R. Wellings, P. Tyler v E. Barber, P. Pidcock

R. McGowan, A. Johnson v R. Black, J. Slater

Champion Pairs

K. Vesey, P. Robinson v K. Bussey, L. Wust

Sunday, 27 September, 9am

B Singles

R. Boadle v L. Bayes; marker S. O’Sing

P. Tyler v N. Grewe; marker R. Gardiner

P. Pidcock v B. Ballentine; marker P. Lawton

K. Mathieson v A. Durkin; marker J. Slater

Wednesday, 30 September

Ladies Championship Pairs (final)

K. Borg, B. Johnston to play the winner of P. McGovern, R. Rumpf  v M. Dobbs, L Delaney.

Live Life Shield

1pm, Sunday, 27 September. Rockhampton versus Gracemere at Gracemere. Mixed triples table selected. List on the noticeboard.

Capricornian Mixed Fours

This is an invitation event being held on Saturday, 3 October. See Eric Barber about entering a team. $1500 prize money for the first five spots plus a lucky draw. All day. Basket lunch.

Brothers visit

This will be held at 1pm on 18 October.

Pauline and Merv Martin afternoon

1pm, 25 October is the time and date.

State Mixed Pairs

The first round of the State Mixed Pairs was played earlier in the year. The next rounds and final will be played on 31 October and 1 November.

Mayoral Trophy

This will be played on 7 November. More information as this event gets closer.

Kington/Warwick Day afternoon

A list will be on the noticeboard for this event which will be held on 20 December.