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Auditorium renovations well under way

By Bob McGowan
Building sub-committee

The renovations of the upstairs auditorium are well under way. The cold room should be up and running in the next two weeks and the majority of the structural work is almost complete.

All being well the new bar should be in place by the second week in March giving us time to complete some cosmetic work to have the area operational by the time the Ladies Presidents Day is scheduled.

We will be starting the demolition of the old bar soon and will look at offering for sale a variety of items that will no longer be of use.

While the workmen are completing the renovations we would ask all members to stay out of the area. This is a safety issue while work is under way.

All being well and if no hidden problems are found our members and guests will have a modernised facility upstairs by the beginning of April.

The barbeque hut has had a whirlybird installed to hopefully ease the heat from the barbeque for our chefs at function events.

There has been a request to explore the possibility of purchasing large fans for the bowling rink. There are two types, one that can be placed at ground level and another that would need to be positioned on the underside of the roof.

Club signs off on building contract

By Bob McGowan
Building sub-committee

We have at last signed off on the building contract.

It is expected that now the plans have been submitted and the Rockhampton Regional Council has been informed of the proposed changes to the upstairs auditorium, renovations should be started in the next three weeks.

We have had four cabinet makers come and view the site and they will submit their quotes within the next few weeks.

All being well we hope that the entire project will be completed by the end of March. We fully realise that the best laid plans can come unstuck, however we can only pass on to you the information we have been given.

Whilst this will be an inconvenience for a short time we are sure that the end product will enhance the club and the upgrade will entice more members of the community to utilise our facilities.

There are a number of items that have become obsolete in the old bar area so any members wishing to pay reasonable prices are welcome to have a look through and make an offer.

Our regular handyman Ross Sanders is currently incapacitated so any help doing odd jobs as they arise would be much appreciated.

We wish Ross a speedy recovery.

New bar, cold room plan proceeds

By Bob McGowan
Building sub-committee

The Management Committee, along with Peter Tyler and Bernie Gottke, met with architect Gaven Gilmour (Bauhinia Architects) recently where he presented his first impression plan of the upstairs redevelopment.

Stage One of the project will feature a curved bar and cold room (2400mm by 2100mm) and will be built adjacent to the current commercial kitchen.

Whilst the architect presented plans for the entire floor, the concentration at this stage will be on the completion of the bar and cold room.

It was hoped this would be operational for our Christmas Party 2020 but unfortunately we will not see its completion until early next year.

Stage Two will see the current bar demolished and the floor under that section repaired.

Stage Three will be the renovation of that area of the auditorium incorporating the use of a folding door to divide the northern and southern ends of the building.

Once completed, the auditorium will give members and their guests a modern facility that can be enjoyed well into the future.

We hope to have detailed plans of the renovations on display soon.

Architect drawing up overall plan

Renovations to the upstairs function area will get under way once plans for the complete project are delivered from the architect, Gaven Gilmour, of Bauhinia Architects.

Mark Faulkner, a registered builder, has inspected the site and will come back with his plumber to have another look at the area to gauge the best avenue for the plumbing required for the new cold room.

This project will be completed in stages, the first being the installation of the cold room and construction of the new bar. Further down the track the project will include modernisation of the area where the old bar now stands.

It is hoped that we will have plans completed and back to us in the very near future so work can commence. Once we have them to hand we will display the plans for all members to view both in the clubhouse and on our website. 

The entire upstairs area will not be renovated at once; the plans will allow for renovations to be completed in stages. Your committee will look at applying for other grants to offset the cost of the remainder of the renovations.


Management committee approves upstairs renovation project

A report from your building subcommittee


The management committee recently held a meeting to discuss renovations of the upstairs function area. 
We thought it prudent to invite along Peter Tyler and Bernie Gottke so the committee was given an insight into the proposed project as initiated during their tender. 
Peter explained the process they believed could be implemented but did advise it was open to options.

It was the feeling of the committee that we engage the advice of an architect on how best to approach the project. After discussion, the meeting approved the proposed project stages in their entirety and that an architect be engaged to inspect the site, offer advice and draw up formal plans for the project. 
These plans are necessary as we are required to submit them with the necessary paperwork required by the Rockhampton Regional Council. The council paperwork has been received.
We have been fortunate to receive two grants towards this project, one of $34,269.40 for the upstairs cold room submitted earlier this year, and a second grant of $15,000 from Rockhampton Regional Council, which we believe will be suffice to cover the cost of the bar or at least go a long way to covering same.
Since the meeting we have met with Gaven Gilmour, of Bauhinia Architects, at no cost to the club, and he gave us guidelines to provide him with details of what we have planned for each stage of the redevelopment. 
He has advised that once the information is received he can then go ahead and draw up the plans for renovations. 
Once this is completed we will display the plans for all members to view. 
It will not mean that the entire upstairs area will be renovated at once; the plans will allow for renovations to be completed in stages.
Meanwhile, progress is being made to shore up the fire escape on the Mercure Hotel side of the building and this should be completed in the next few weeks.