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Management committee approves upstairs renovation project

A report from your building subcommittee


The management committee recently held a meeting to discuss renovations of the upstairs function area. 
We thought it prudent to invite along Peter Tyler and Bernie Gottke so the committee was given an insight into the proposed project as initiated during their tender. 
Peter explained the process they believed could be implemented but did advise it was open to options.

It was the feeling of the committee that we engage the advice of an architect on how best to approach the project. After discussion, the meeting approved the proposed project stages in their entirety and that an architect be engaged to inspect the site, offer advice and draw up formal plans for the project. 
These plans are necessary as we are required to submit them with the necessary paperwork required by the Rockhampton Regional Council. The council paperwork has been received.
We have been fortunate to receive two grants towards this project, one of $34,269.40 for the upstairs cold room submitted earlier this year, and a second grant of $15,000 from Rockhampton Regional Council, which we believe will be suffice to cover the cost of the bar or at least go a long way to covering same.
Since the meeting we have met with Gaven Gilmour, of Bauhinia Architects, at no cost to the club, and he gave us guidelines to provide him with details of what we have planned for each stage of the redevelopment. 
He has advised that once the information is received he can then go ahead and draw up the plans for renovations. 
Once this is completed we will display the plans for all members to view. 
It will not mean that the entire upstairs area will be renovated at once; the plans will allow for renovations to be completed in stages.
Meanwhile, progress is being made to shore up the fire escape on the Mercure Hotel side of the building and this should be completed in the next few weeks.