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Dennis Bartlem Shield

Diggers defeated RBC 2 wins and a draw to 1 win and a draw.

Ladies Club Game Triples

V. Hegarty, R. Rumpf, B. Armitage d K. Borg, B. Johnston, G. Wust

Ladies Club Game Pairs 2-4-2

J. Graff, C. Diehm d B. Friesacher, J. Alderson

Thommo’s Betta Home Living Mixed Fours

1st: J. Peut, K. McCrohon, G. Peut, K. McCrohon

2nd: K. Bussey, E. Arnold, M. Hagen, K. Borg

3rd: J. Southfield, P. Homes, S. Simpson, I. Lenham

4th: B. Johnston, G. Hudson, D. Hindmarsh, C. Magee

5th: J. Slater, J. Graff, R. Black, M. Black

Lucky draw: G. Wust, B. Ballentine, L. O’Dea, S. O’Sing


Champion Pairs

P. Pidcock, R. Elliott (sub for B. Gottke) d R. Wellings, P. Tyler 17-16

P. Pidcock, R. Elliott (sub for B. Gottke) d W. Richardson, R. Boadle 27-10

C. Magee, G. Hudson d P. Robinson, T. Zonca 26-15

B Pairs (final)

L. Bayes, B. Maclean d R. Gardiner, S. O’Sing 18-13

Ladies Champion Singles

A. Thomas d J. Wilson 26-10

J Graff d M. Dobbs 25-19

Champion Singles (final)

C. Magee d G. Hudson 25-19

Veteran Pairs (final)

W. Richardson, J. Slater d C. Jackson, R. Wellings 31-6

Champion Pairs

R. McGowan, A. Johnson v E. Barber, P. Lawton 21-16

P. Robinson, T. Zonca d B. Ballentine, J. Moran 17-13

R. Wellings, P. Tyler d J. Hanley, M. Hagan 26-13

P. Pidcock, B. Gottke d R. Black, J. Slater 20-19

W. Richardson, R. Boadle d D. Wilton, H. Wilton 19-18

RBC President’s Day was won by J. Wilson, W. Wilson, D. Wilton, W. Pearson. Runners-up were W. Richardson, P. Robinson, L. Bayes, R. Wellings. Lucky draw winners were G. Boswood, J. Boswood, A. Mooney, R. Mooney.

Ladies Champion Pairs

M. Dobbs, R. Rumpf d M. Black, J. Graff 26-8

Ladies Champion Singles

J. Wilson d B. Friesacher 25-15

Ladies Champion Triples

M. Black, J. Field, J. Graff d J. Wilson, G. Wust, D. Simpson 21-13

K. Borg, H. Everett, J Burke d M. Dobbs, S. Lane, J. Shelton 26-13

Veteran Pairs

C. Jackson, R. Wellings d R. McGowan, A. Johnson 25-14

Champion Singles

J. Slater d H. Wilton 25-10

G. Hudson d P. Tyler 25-18

Champion Pairs

C. Magee, G. Hudson d L. Bayes, W. Dobson 35-8

Veteran Pairs

C. Jackson, R. Wellings d K. Bussey, L. Wust 20-11

R. McGowan, A. Johnson d B. Ballantine, J. Moran 22-14

W. Richardson, J. Slater d R. Boadle, P. Lawton 19-15

Champion Singles

C. Magee d W. Richardson 25-11

H. Wilton d R. Black 25-23

G. Hudson d R. Gardiner 25-0

E. Gregson d J. Moran 25-18

Ladies Championship Fours

L. Tomkins, A. Thomas, S. Lane, B. Armitage d J. Wilson, V. King, G. Wust, D. Simpson 19-10

Ladies Champion Singles

M. Dobbs d B. Johnston 25-12

Veteran Singles (final)

A. Johnson d R. Wellings 25-23

Champion Singles

R. Black d L. Bayes 25-14

H. Wilton d B. Ballantine 25-13

R. Gardiner d C. Davidson 26-12

P. Tyler d P. Pidcock 25-15

J. Moran d K. Matheson 25-8

E. Gregson d E. Barber 25-8

C. Magee d R. McGowan 25-7

W. Richardson d R. Wellings 25-23

J. Slater d A. Johnson 25-16

G. Hudson d. D. Wilton 25-9

P. Tyler d M. Hagen 25-23

Ladies Championship Fours

M. Black, J. Field, C. Wellings, J. Graff d K. Borg, H. Everett, B. Friesacher, J. Shelton 24-17

Ladies Championship Singles

A. Thomas d D. Simpson 25-7

Champion Fours (final)

R. Black, P. Pidcock, W. Richardson, J. Slater d W. Pearson, R. Wellings (sub for B. Gottke), C. Magee, G. Hudson 30-19

Ladies Championship Triples

M. Dobbs, S. Lane, J. Shelton d L. Tomkins, P. McGovern, B. Armitage 18-17

Ladies Championship Singles

J. Field d R. Rumpf 25-23

Live Life Shield

The first round was won by R.B.C 220 – 102. Winning teams for Gracemere were J. Newman, L. Brooks, N. Chippendale and L. O’Dea, J. Moran, E. Barber and for Rockhampton W. Pearson, S. Lane, C. Magee.

Veteran Singles

R. Wellings d G. Cranston 25-19

R. McGowan d R. Boadle 25-21

A. Johnson d R. McGowan 25-18

Champion Fours

W. Pearson, B. Gottke, C. Magee, G. Hudson d J. Hanley, E. Gregson (sub), M. Hagen, P. Robinson, T. Zonca 21-13


2020 Mixed Pairs (final): B. Johnston, G. Hudson d H. Johnson, R. Black 30-14

2020 Mixed Pairs: B. Johnston, G. Hudson d M. Dobbs, E. Gregson 19-15 

2020 B Singles (final): P. Pidcock d R. Gardiner 25-11 

2020 Mixed Pairs: M. Dobbs, E. Gregson d M. Black, J. Slater 21–14

Northside defeated Southside 143-104.


The Capricornian representative Brian Auld presents a silver cup to the ladies singles champion Marion Dobbs.

The ladies 2020 competition winners were awarded their trophies at their Christmas break-up in December.

Champion Singles: M. Dobbs; runner-up A. Thomas.

B Singles: J. Shelton; runner-up P. Wiemers.

Champion Pairs: K. Borg, B. Johnston; runner-up P. McGovern, R. Rumph.

Champion Triples: J. Lawrence, S. Lane, V. King; runner-up M. Dobbs, D. Simpson, J. Shelton.

Champion Fours: M. Dobbs, L. Delaney, P. McGovern, B. Johnston; runner-up: K. Borg, H. Everett, B. Friesacher, J. Shelton.

President/Vice President Fours: D. Moger, J. Liddell, L. Tomkins, A. Thomas, D. Moger, A. Thomas; runner-up: G. Wust, D. Simpson, B. Johnston, V. Hegarty.


Rockhampton Regional Council representative Neil Fisher presents a pewter mug to men’s singles champion Clem Magee.

The men’s 2020 competition winners were awarded their trophies at the club’s Christmas break-up in December.

They were:

Champion Singles: Clem Magee; runner-up Ross Sanders.

Champion Triples: Stan Munro, Clem Magee, Graham Hudson; runner-up Les Bayes, Bob McGowan, Andy Johnson.

Champion Fours: Rod Black, Peter Pidcock, Bill Richardson, Jeff Slater; runner-up Ken Matheson, Bob McGowan, Les Bayes, Brian Maclean.

District Singles: Clem Magee; runner-up Phil Robinson.

District Pairs: Rod Black, Jeff Slater; runner-up Clem Magee, Graham Hudson.

District Triples: Rod Black, Clem Magee, Graham Hudson; runner-up Les Bayes, Bob McGowan, Andy Johnson.

District Fours: Ross Sanders, Peter Pidcock, Bill Richardson, Jeff Slater; runner-up Bill Pearson, Bob McGowan, Graham Hudson, Clem Magee.

Veteran Singles: Bob McGowan; runner-up Andy Johnson.

Veteran Pairs: Andy Johnson, Bob McGowan; runner-up Bill Richardson, Jeff Slater.

Veteran Fours: Bill Pearson, Ross Wellings, Bob McGowan, Les Wust; runner-up Ken Bussey, Peter Lawton, Bill Richardson, Jeff Slater.

B Pairs: Bill Dobson, Bob McGowan; runner-up Mario Demasi, Peter Tyler.

C Singles: Bob McGowan; runner-up Peter Pidcock.


Mayoral Trophy

Winners: J. Shelton, W. Richardson, M. Black, J. Slater

2nd: S. O’Leary, P. Thurecht, M. Birse, L. Lenon

3rd: W. Pearson, D. Bussey, W. Wilson, J. Wilson

4th: L. Delaney, R. Sanders, M. Dobbs, E. Gregson

5th: S. Tummom, J. Peut, G. Peut, K. McCrohon

6th: V. Hegarty, C. Magee, B. Johnson, G. Hudson

Lucky draw: C. Haack, W. Dobson, P. McGovern, P. Lawton

Ladies Champion of Champions (played at Diggers)

Champion Pairs won by Yeppoon; r/u Rockhampton

Champion Triples won by Victoria Park; r/u Yeppoon

Champion Fours won by Yeppoon; r/u Rockhampton

Pauline and Merv Martin Day

Winners were Bill Pearson, Val King, Bob McGowan; runners-up: Zelma Mace, Moyna Richardson, Bill Richardson; third: Joyce McGowan, Ken Mathieson, Ross Wellings; fourth: Joy Liddell, Pat McGovern, Clyde Jackson; Sportsman’s Prize: Colleen Diehm, Bruce Ballentine, Michael Hagan.

Thank you to Zelma Mace for sponsoring this event and the generosity of the players donating 76 prizes for the multi draw raffle.

Bates Goddard Trophy

The RBC team of Graham Hudson, Jeff Slater, Clem Magee and Errol Gregson won the Bates Goddard Interclub Fours at Victoria Park.

The Capricornian Ladies Invitation Fours

Winners: A. Vaughan, P. Ward, J. Markey, D. Vaughan (CQDLBA)
Runners-up: A. Browning, M. Wilson, D. Corbet, K. Buntain (Yeppoon)
Third: K. Borg, H. Everett, B. Johnston, J. Burke (RBC)
Fourth: L. Tompkins, J. Lawrence, A. Thomas, S. Lane (RBC)
Sportsmen’s Prize: K. McCrohon, J. Godsmary, Y. Ruthford, G. Hagen (Diggers)

The Yeppoon team of Mike Browning, Angela Browning, Jenny Hanson and John Lewis (pictured) won the major spoils at The Capricornian Mixed Fours played at the Rockhampton Bowls Club.

RBC teams filled the placings with runners-up Bev Johnston, Graham Hudson, Rosie Rumpf and Clem McGee; third Ross Wellings, Carol Wellings, Harley Wilton and Joy Bourke; fourth Jeff Slater, Jean Graff, Cheryl Haack and Bill Dobson; fifth Sue Lane, Hazel Johnson, Andy Johnson and Bob McGowan.

The Sportsman’s Prize (lucky losers) went to Pat McGovern, Marion Dobbs, Errol Gregson and Ross Sanders.

Clem Magee won the Central Queensland Champion of Champions Singles at Yeppoon.

He defeated Joe Farmer (Welfare) 25-2 and John Lennon (Diggers) 25-22 on his way to the final. In the final, Clem had a comfortable 25-11 win over Tony Lowry (Victoria Park).

Clem will now go on to represent Rockhampton Bowls Club in the zone finals in Bundaberg.

Rockhampton Bowls Club retained the Live Life Shield even though Gracemere won the second round 150-129. Earlier in the year Rockhampton won 194-136.

The overall points were Rockhampton 323 to Gracemere 286.

The District final of the Veterans Fours was played at Rockhampton Bowls Club between the Victoria Park team of Henry Boswood, Barry Turk, Ian Watts and Col James and the Rockhampton team of Bill Pearson, Ross Wellings, Bob McGowan and Les Wust (pictured above).

This game went down the the wire with an extra end required before Victoria Park won by one shot.

The two semi-finals of the District Singles were played with Clem Magee defeating Les Bayes 25-5 and Phil Robinson defeating Jeff Slater 25-24.

In the District Fours final, Ross Sanders, Peter Pidcock, Bill Richardson and Jeff Slater defeated Bill Pearson, Bob McGowan, Graeme Hudson and Clem Magee.

Bob McGowan went down to Brian Ashworth from Victoria Park Bowls Club in the District playoff of the Veteran Singles at Diggers Memorial Bowls Club.

The Capricornian Prestige Fours

Winners: Bill Pearson, Ross Sanders, Clem Magee, Graham Hudson

Runners-up: Ian Lenham, John Martin, L. Curtis, Alan Adams

Third: Les Bayes, Bob McGowan, Andy Johnson, Brian Maclean

Fourth: Rod Black, Peter Pidcock, Bill Richardson, Jeff Slater

Fifth: Mike Browning, Dave Phillips, Geoff Baldwin, John Lewis

Lucky draw: Ken Bussey, Dan Wilton, Wayne Wilson, Errol Gregson